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Lamborghini Confirms Huracán and Urus Hybrids Coming in 2024

Lamborghini Huracán and Urus Hybrids Confirmed: Coming in 2024

Lambo CEO Stefan Winkelmann also said an all-electric Urus and another unknown EV will arrive before the decade’s over.

Lamborghini Hybrids on the Way

Last Friday, during a presentation in Sant’Agata, Italy, Winkelmann told reporters the Huracán’s successor will arrive at the end of 2024, and that it would be a plug-in hybrid. This news comes courtesy of our sister publication, Road & Track, who also reported that Winkelmann said the Urus SUV will switch to a hybrid powertrain in 2024. “And then we’ll model the Urus as a hybrid in 2024,” Winkelmann told reporters. “And at the end of ’24 the brand-new Huracán will come to market.” A Lamborghini spokesperson today confirmed to Car and Driver that both of Winkelmann’s statements are true.

Lamborghini Huracán and Urus Hybrids Confirmed: Coming in 2024

Lambo’s First EVs Are Coming Too

We’ve known that Winkelmann is bullish on EVs since we talked to him in person in 2021. The comments reported by R&T also line up with what he said back then, when Lamborghini announced plans to electrify every vehicle in its portfolio by the end of 2024. What we’ve learned today—both from the R&T report and via direct confirmation from a company spokesperson—is Lamborghini’s official plans for its first two electric models. “In ’28 and ’29 we will have our first two BEVs,” Winkelmann reportedly said. “It will be the first one to be completely a BEV car in 2028. And then in 2029 there will be the new Urus.” Simply put, Lamborghini’s first EV will be an unknown car that arrives in 2028. Its second EV will be an all-electric successor to the current Urus, and it’ll arrive in 2029.

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