Exclusive Interview with Parvin

Exclusive Interview with Parvin

Dj and Music Producer, Parvin, knew music was his passion ever since the young age of 7 years old. Growing up, Parvin’s parents caught on to this passion, and immediately enrolled him into piano school, as well as set him up with programming training. 

Exclusive Interview with Parvin

He has just released his brand new original mix ‘Higer’ and fans already can’t get enough of the track. He will continue to release a series of singles throughout the upcoming months, ending with him highly anticipated EP, “ID”. I got the chance to talk to Parvin on all things music;

Hi Parvin, Welcome to CelebrityLife.info! Everyone would probably know you from the huge success you had with your single “Touch the Sky and Summer Vibes”, for all your fans out there, how did you become involved in music and how were you discovered?

Hi, thanks for having me! I became involved with music from the very beginning. Music making have always been like a refuge for me- it always made me feel safe and comfortable. So I started making my own music and sharing it on all types of social media, so that people have the ability to have a taste of my music.

You have over 200k+ followers on social media, how powerful do you think social media can be for upcoming artists?

Social media is crucial for artists because it gives you the ability to communicate with the world and share your music through it. You also feel a lot of pressure to keep up with all the content.

Now your brand new single “Higher” is out now. What inspired this song?

I have no idea… (laughing)

What do you do in your spare time?

I play game and making music sometimes watch some documentary about animals.

Where to next for Parvin?

My mini album “ID” will be out very soon! Thats all.

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