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Dodge Reveals Power Outputs for Charger Daytona EV Concept.

The electric Charger Daytona concept is red. Besides that, we’ve got a detailed breakdown of the horsepower on tap.

Dodge Reveals Power Outputs for Charger Daytona EV Concept

The Dodge Charger is nearly dead as we know it, with 2023 set to be its final model year and a slew of special editions beckoning the Charger and its Challenger brother out the door. The replacement for Dodge’s muscle cars will be electric, and Dodge has been busy preparing its V-8–loving fanbase for a gas-free future with the Charger Daytona SRT concept that debuted back in August. Now Dodge is trotting its burly concept back out for the 2022 SEMA show with a few updates, announcing power outputs from the 400-volt electrical system.

Dodge Reveals Power Outputs for Charger Daytona EV Concept

Watch for a Banshee

While Dodge still hasn’t clarified how many electric motors the Daytona Charger SRT packs, the automaker has now revealed a lineup of power levels for the concept. The lowest model—called 340 for the power output in kilowatts—makes 455 horsepower, while the next step up, the 440, brings 590 ponies. However, both models offer two horsepower upgrade options, called eStage 1 and 2, as over-the-air purchases from Dodge’s Direct Connection arm. The base model can be boosted to 495 or 535 horsepower, while the second tier can be pushed to 630 or 670 horsepower. Dodge also says that the most powerful model will be called the SRT Banshee and will feature an 800-volt electrical system, but the company is still mum on an exact power output for this range topper.

Dodge also hasn’t specified how these models will translate to production, with the Daytona SRT still officially a concept, but given the amount of thought Dodge has already put into it, we wouldn’t be surprised if a similar lineup eventually reaches customers. The Banshee will also offer Direct Connection upgrades, and the upgraded models will feature a “crystal” key (Dodge used quotes, so we assume it won’t be a real crystal).

Dodge Reveals Power Outputs for Charger Daytona EV Concept

The updated concept at SEMA is distinguished by its Stryker Red paint color as well as “Stage 2” badges on the fenders and 18-inch carbon-fiber wheels wrapped in 305-mm drag radial tires. Dodge will also use the SEMA show to get feedback from attendees on the concept’s Fratzonic Chambered exhaust system, which Dodge says boosts the hum of the electric motors up to a deafening 126 decibels, although we imagine this will be toned down for the production car due to noise laws in some states.

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