Chevy Corvette E-Ray Sure Looks Ready for Winter

Our latest 30-second glimpse at the electrified C8 Corvette may show the benefits of all-wheel drive in the snow.

We have seen quite a lot of the upcoming Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray this past month, including what looked like a completely undisguised prototype just last week. While we do not yet have a reveal date for the actual car, and with it any specific information about its hybrid components, we do know that the version we have seen in a recent configurator leak should bear the E-Ray name and a wide body familiar to anyone who has seen the C8 Z06. We do not know where exactly the electric power is being sent just yet, but the latest leaked video gives some hope that, as we heard all the way back in 2020, the power may be going to the front wheels.

The video, uploaded by Corvette Nut on YouTube with the conspicuous title “°•“°☆°•~♤°\|♧°•`~\°■•,” looks a lot like a leak of an official GM clip. It features a “professional driver, closed course” caption in fine print at the bottom and ends with a Corvette logo, but Corvette Blogger notes that this is actually the older C7-generation variant of the logo. Whether or not the clip is official, the important thing is what it shows: a wide-bodied, camouflaged Corvette drifting through light snow.

Does this mean the E-Ray will be getting that rumored all-wheel drive? If you were hoping to show the winter prowess of an all-wheel-drive Corvette, there would be no better way to do it. We still have to wait to see the final car for any real answers, but the sheer number of new looks at the car this week seem to indicate that a finished product could be imminent.

From: Road & Track