Apple Vision Pro has been used in surgery

Apple’s Vision Pro has been used in surgery to help perform spinal surgery.

Apple’s Vision Pro, used for the first time by surgeons in a significant surgery worldwide. Here are the details…

A first in the world: Apple Vision Pro has been used in surgery

How was Apple Vision Pro used during the surgery? According to a report prepared by the British media, in a spinal operation conducted last month in the UK, a surgical nurse utilized Vision Pro to prepare, streamline the process, and eliminate human error by using the augmented reality glasses produced by Apple.

The surgical nurse may have taken a step towards advancements in the medical field by adjusting and organizing the necessary medical materials to be used during the surgery using Vision Pro. According to statements made, the surgical nurse used Vision Pro to accomplish certain tasks and facilitate the use and organization of medical instruments. Nurse Suvi Verho, aiming to minimize human error by providing important information on the screen along with the real-world image through augmented reality glasses, described this technology as a “game-changer.”

A first in the world: Apple Vision Pro has been used in surgery

Surgeon Syed Aftab, who performed the surgery, mentioned that the use of Vision Pro made the surgery process easier, allowing for real-time information flow during the operation and enabling more effective work by an already experienced individual. The surgical assistant, who was previously revealed to have used Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens 2, seems to have opted to experience Apple’s newly released Vision Pro this time, and according to his statements, the new device from Apple has groundbreaking features.